The Cat House – Part III

Holidays and technical challenges…lost the audio of Phillip as he was commenting on the Serval fishing video we found while exploring the website.

Exploration of this website was like hunting the Easter Eggs on a new DVD release…little gems everywhere…


Mousicle anyone?  Found this one on the Enrichment page.

With the holidays over, Phillip will be back blogging about his latest trip to the Sacramento Zoo.

Salama/Jambo! (Hello in Swahili)

Phillip Press

Welcome to Phillip’s Wild Africa

Phillip’s world is wild African animals.  His limitations are a result of autism.  But autism doesn’t define Phillip.

Phillip is using his knowledge to raise awareness of these beautiful animals.  His goal, to share his world through his art and this blog, as he visits zoos around the state.

Join Phillip as he blogs every Monday.

Kwaheri! (Goodbye in Swahili)